Welcome to Healthy City, USA!

Welcome to Healthy City, USA!

Healthy City, USA is a community-led initiative developed by Portneuf Health Trust, community health partners, and media partners in eastern Idaho. The goal of this initiative is to make our community a model of health in the country and to build health and wellness into our community’s DNA. “We’ve been discussing the natural elements that make the Pocatello/Chubbuck community healthy for several years. Some of the key elements include a state-of-the art hospital at Portneuf Medical Center, a health science focus at Idaho State University, and Portneuf Health Trust focusing on building community health and wellness. We have created many wellness opportunities to move the scale in the right direction.” said Shaun Menchaca, President and CEO of Portneuf Health Trust.



Specific examples of these wellness opportunities include MoveSpring Challenges for community members and local organizations, Healthy Living Classes, Portneuf Peaks Club, 5K events, and sharing other community health events on our social media platform. All events hosted by Healthy City, USA are FREE to the community. “We simply want healthy community members, and in doing so, we made sure that all events are free so there is no cost barrier.” said Micaela Prochazka, Director of Wellness Programs. Through key partners and community help, Healthy City, USA has flourished since first introducing the initiative in May of 2022.



Southeastern Idaho is the ultimate place to live the Healthy City, USA lifestyle. Many of the trails surrounding town are frequented by community members walking, hiking, running, and biking. Along with the Wellness Complex and the Greenway Trails, Pocatello/Chubbuck are investing in its community’s health providing accessible walking and biking paths across town. And the lifestyle doesn’t come to a hiatus in the winter. Places like the Nordic Center and Pebble Creek Ski Area are great opportunities to try something new and to get outside.

Healthy City, USA encourages community members to take ownership of their life and the initiative in making their daily healthy choices. These choices can include eating more fruits and vegetables, checking in with your mental health often, and exercising for 150 minutes each week. Small changes to day-to-day life are how the community gets one step closer to the Healthy City, USA lifestyle.

Pocatello/Chubbuck have the potential to become Healthy City, USA with the support and investment from the people living in this area. Healthy City, USA strives to be a healthy, whole-self community. For any questions or more details, contact Micaela Prochazka at [email protected]. Join us in recognizing that Pocatello/Chubbuck has great potential to be the healthiest city in America!


-Micaela Prochazka, Director of Wellness Programs at Portneuf Health Trust