Retail Bliss and Opportunity

The Portneuf Valley shopping scene is traditional and eclectic. Big box retailers offer you the low-price everyday essentials you need, while small town boutiques and specialty stores offer you a shopping experience you’ll never forget.

The Pine Ridge Mall is a bustling shopping destination that caters to a diverse range of retail needs. With a wide selection of stores, including popular national chains and local boutiques.

Gate City Games hosts several board and card game events and offers exclusive gaming items such as trading cards, wargame figurines and collectibles.

For those looking to take advantage of the outdoor wonders, the community favorite Barrie’s Ski and Sport offers premium gear such as mountain bikes, e-bikes, ski, and snowboarding gear. You can either purchase the gear for your next adventure or rent items to find out exactly what activity is right for you.

Historic Old Town Pocatello is home to several local consignment, specialty, or co-op stores. Then & Now, Vain and Vintage, and Rustic Junction are shopping destinations that offer clothing and accessory items as unique as you are. You can fully embrace the style you prefer with new or repurposed fashion sold at these locally owned places.

If you’re a bargain hunter, then your dreams will come true at the highly popular Westwood Discount Stores. Nearly everything such as golf clubs, 80’s toys, retro decorations, electronics, or one-time-only published books find a home at Westwood Discount. The store is like a giant flea market with new goods arriving every week. You’ll certainly enjoy your visit.

Family Fun Party lets you take your next family or friends gathering to the next level. Rent giant inflatable slides, cotton candy or popcorn machines, karaoke machines and so much more from this locally owned business.