Transportation And Freight


Bannock County is actively enhancing its transportation infrastructure to better serve businesses considering relocation or expansion in the area. Our improvements in transportation infrastructure tap into the global shipping and logistics network in a way that matches the efficiency and timeliness expected of companies working in both B2B and B2C environments.

Key developments include the enhancements of cross-state shipping operations and the introduction of freight and transportation companies with global logistic options. 

We’ve expanded our rail-to-cart services and the accessibility to major highways. 

Additionally, the county is focused on sustainable transportation initiatives, such as bike paths and pedestrian-friendly zones.

Our area is priming itself for economic growth opportunities at a city, regional, national, and global level.


Within Bannock County, Pocatello is home to two keystone terminals that provide transload and intermodal services to businesses with international and domestic clientele. Both are owned and operated by the Savage Transload Network.

First is the Savage Southern Idaho Intermodal Facility, an intermodal operation that serves as an inland port for the Northwest Seaport Alliance. Export businesses that move dry bulk containers can use this facility to get their cargo delivered to vessels on the West Coast – specifically those docked in Tacoma and Seattle, WA – which are then shipped to countries throughout Asia. This facility is the only one of its kind in the state of Idaho.

Second is the Savage Pocatello, ID Transload Facility, which moves bulk products to destinations throughout the continental United States. Built on the Union Pacific rail line, this operation is a hotspot for moving and managing mission-critical products in a safe and cost-effective way, and as a full-time rail shop, the terminal also has infrastructure to repair and maintain rail cars.

Both of these facilities offer unique strengths to the supply chain, and bring the people and businesses of Bannock County onto the world’s stage. In terms of transportation and logistics, having rail as the backbone of the supply chain opens up a myriad benefits for efficiency and sustainability. A single railcar can hold up to four semi-trailers-worth of cargo and uses a fraction of the energy. Simply put, businesses that rely on rail move more freight for less money, and leave behind a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

Click the link below for an in-depth review of Savage’s operations and the role they play in environmental sustainability