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Does Branding Matter To Small Businesses?

Does Branding Matter To Small Businesses?   Download our free Brand Creation Questions and Understanding The Common Elements of Brands forms to help with your branding. _______________________________________________________ Does branding matter to small businesses? Yes. Absolutely yes. However, for small businesses, the importance of branding swells in and out of importance. Branding is like insurance. Investing […]

Communication Principles for Business Leaders

Communication Principles for Business Leaders When things are breaking, when projects are failing, and your company is struggling to perform at just a basic level; it’s not the macro business environment. It isn’t a generational difference. It isn’t the latest employee trend or something in the water. These issues persist because it’s a failure of […]

Portneuf Medical Center’s Incredible 2023

Portneuf Medical Center Ends 2023 With Incredible Accomplishments and Milestones Portneuf Medical Center (PMC) had a 2023 that is nearly indescribable. But we’ll try our best. Multiple milestones from our Investment Partner have catapulted the organization into local and national news for its breakthrough methods and technological advancements. Their mission: World Class Care. Every Patient. […]

5 Phrases You Can Say TO Make 2024 A Success

Words are free. Simply adjusting the way we speak can have an incredible impact on those around us. There is an entire science called Neuro-linguistic programming that believes just changing the patterns and models of our external and internal speech can help us achieve specific goals in life. How we articulate goals, exchange pleasantries and […]

Visionary Partner, Portneuf Medical Center Invests In Bannock Development Corporation

Recently, the Idaho State Journal published a huge announcement in regard to the recent investment from Portneuf Medical Center for a total of $25,000. Our CEO MiaCate Kennedy states, “PMC is an important visionary partner in determining strategy and success in economic development for the Portneuf Valley. As a leader in health care in our […]

Welcome to Healthy City, USA!

Healthy City, USA is a community-led initiative developed by Portneuf Health Trust, community health partners, and media partners in eastern Idaho. The goal of this initiative is to make our community a model of health in the country and to build health and wellness into our community’s DNA. “We’ve been discussing the natural elements that […]

Idaho’s Diamond in The Rough By Don Zebe

Nestled in the heart of southeastern Idaho, there lay a place of remarkable beauty known as the Portneuf Valley. It is a land where rolling hills, cloaked in vibrant green, stretch as far as the eye can see. The valley is named after the Portneuf River, which meanders gracefully through its heart, breathing life into […]