Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

All is done in the all-in-one Portneuf Valley region.

The Southeast Idaho region has a robust manufacturing ecosystem with a rich history of American manufacturing excellence. In fact, because of the railroading infrastructure, agricultural hub, and earth materials required for steel, copper, semiconductor, and other metal fabrications; the area is home to some of the most important research and manufacturing organizations in the United States. Idaho’s manufacturers employ nearly 6% of the state’s total workforce and contribute more than 9.7 billion of Idaho’s GDP.

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is one of the national laboratories focused on nuclear research. However, their work also includes the design and manufacturing of nuclear reactors, advanced vehicle testing activity, and robotics.

Amy’s Kitchen, is a company so innovative they were used as the standard for many of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s organic food certifications. They were one of the first companies to feature non-BPA-lined cans and pioneered research into the development and use of non-harmful chemicals and pesticides in farming. One of their major manufacturing and distribution centers is in Pocatello, Idaho.

The Pacific Northwest is known for growing some of the world’s finest potatoes. However, the best potatoes come from Idaho. Lamb Weston is the nation’s top potato harvester with over 25 manufacturing facilities across the globe. Several are in Idaho and surround the Portneuf Valley area. Lamb Weston has a huge focus on food processing and delivery technologies. In accordance with their Environmental, Social, and Governance Report of 2022, Food Safety and Quality will always guide their decision and investment efforts. Everything the potato can be, Lamb Weston can make it. If you’ve ever indulged in golden fries, it’s likely you were enjoying a fry made from Lamb Weston.

Dome Technology is a game-changing structure and storage manufacturing with international recognition for its EcoShell structures. Their energy-efficient buildings offer unparalleled strength and durability for minimal maintenance and lower lifetime costs. Design and material manufacturing happens right in the Southeast Idaho region.

Premier Technology designs and manufactures specialized equipment for mining, industrial, food and beverage, and commercial nuclear use. From blueprint to installation, Premier Technology is a powerhouse in project completion and job creation. Premier exceeded 100 million dollars in annual sales as of 2018.

The FMC industrial complex in Pocatello Idaho used to be one of the world’s largest phosphorus-producing facilities for electoral use for almost all of its 53-year operating history. Since 2015, the FMC industrial complex has been redeveloped for private and commercial use for companies such as the Pacific Northwest Pipeline Company and the Idaho Power’s Kinport Electrical Company.

EDM Intelligent Solutions has a long standing 25 year history of precision machining services and R&D manufacturing for Aerospace, Automotive, Defense and Medical industries. Their customer manufacturing solutions combined with a completely vertically integrated manufacturing process can help any type of business with the requirements for advanced manufacturing to be completed.

The backbone of any successful manufacturing venture is its workforce. Southeast Idaho is home to a highly skilled and dedicated labor pool, equipped with expertise in various fields, such as engineering, robotics, automation, and precision machining. Our local educational institutions collaborate closely with industries to produce a talent pipeline that is ready to tackle the challenges of the modern manufacturing landscape.

We have a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, electronics, food processing, and more. Our well-established supply chains, collaborative industry partnerships, and top-notch infrastructure ensure your business will thrive.