Portneuf Medical Center’s Incredible 2023

Portneuf Medical Center’s Incredible 2023

Portneuf Medical Center Ends 2023 With Incredible Accomplishments and Milestones

Portneuf Medical Center (PMC) had a 2023 that is nearly indescribable.

But we’ll try our best.

Multiple milestones from our Investment Partner have catapulted the organization into local and national news for its breakthrough methods and technological advancements. Their mission: World Class Care. Every Patient. Every Time. Is being fulfilled.

We’re overjoyed with their support and unwavering investment in the community to create long-term, sustainable and fulfilling jobs for our Bannock County Region.

PMC Milestones


Launch of the Most Globally Advanced Heart Procedure Room

Bannock Development Corporation shows the inside of the new PMC heart treatment room

Inside Portneuf Medical Center’s new heart procedure room. | Kalama Hines,

Officially introduced with an open house event, this room is claimed to be the most globally advanced cardiovascular or “heart operation” room. It supports a wide array of cardiac electrophysiology cases, doubling the hospital’s capacity in this domain.

The new C-arm imaging device, a cornerstone of the room, represents the pinnacle of imaging technology, enhancing the precision and efficacy of heart treatments. The enlarged “eye” of the device will allow their team to zoom in further on a patient’s heart and focus on the problem area at a level never before imagined.

Coupled with unmatched expertise, our heart and vascular specialists at Portneuf Heart and Vascular Institute lead the way in cardiovascular care.

Technological Advancements In Imaging

Bannock Development Corporation displays an image of the cath lab featured at Portneuf Medical center

Image courtesy of Portneuf Medical Center. Inside the new heart procedure room. | Kalama Hines,

A notable addition to PMC is their new Siemens Healthineers ARTIS icono biplane system to its interventional imaging services. This system sets new standards in interventional imaging, particularly in cardiovascular surgery and cardiology, enhancing patient safety and procedural efficiency.

Improving imaging quality and reducing radiation exposure, will bring better outcomes for patients and streamline healthcare delivery, particularly in emergency situations.

“This is our second hybrid operating room and the latest, most advanced system created for a wide range of disciplines, particularly cardiovascular surgery and interventional cardiology,” said Jacob DeLaRosa, MD, The Chief of Surgery.

1,000 Robotic Surgeries

Dr. Drew Roberts of Portneuf Medical Center uses the new daVinci Machine - feature on the Bannock Development Corporation website

Image courtesy of Portneuf Medical Center. Dr. Drew Roberts with a daVinci Machine

Dr. Drew McRoberts, a distinguished surgeon at PMC, has completed 1,000 robotic surgeries in 2023!  This milestone showcases the center’s leadership in surgical innovation and patient care. The emphasis on robotic surgery underscores PMC’s commitment to minimizing patient discomfort and promoting quicker recoveries. Quicker recoveries mean the pause on everyday life, obligations, and recreation—creating new memories with family—is shortened.

Numbers continue to grow with a second surgeon nearing 1,000 robotics cases.

200 Watchman Devices Implanted

Bannock Development Corporation features an image of the Portneuf Heart and Vascular team.

Photo courtesy of Portneuf Health. The Portneuf Heart and Vascular team is celebrating the implementation of its 200th Watchman Device.

The Watchman Device, is a cutting-edge, cost-effective alternative to traditional anticoagulation therapy treatments for patients battling atrial fibrillation (AFib) that reduces the need for ongoing medication and monitoring.

200 implants highlights Portneuf Medical Centers’ tireless efforts of their team to advance cardiovascular care and reduce the burden of AFib-related stroke risks.

The Opening of A new Urgent Care Facility

Jordan Herget, CEO of Protneuf Medical Center is shown cutting the ribbon at the new Portnuef Health Now urgent care.

Jordan Herget, CEO of Portneuf Medical Center, cuts the ribbon for Portneuf Health Now. | Logan Ramsey,

Officially opened by PMC CEO Jordan Herget on October 26, this milestone marks the completion of the Portneuf Health Plaza in Pocatello. Designed to provide walk-in care for non-emergency health issues, Portneuf Health Now bridges a critical gap in the local healthcare landscape, offering a convenient option for patients with minor injuries and respiratory illness symptoms.

Financial Support for the Boys and Girls Club

PMC has pledged $25,000 over five years to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Idaho, underlining its commitment to the well-being of the community’s youth. This donation supports educational and wellness programs, fostering a safe and enriching environment for children after school.

Wrapping It Up

These milestones are not just achievements; they are examples of PMC’s dedication to the area.

In 2023, Portneuf Medical Center has nearly done the impossible by sustainably raising the standards for job creation, innovation, and community investment; locally and globally.