Founded and Fueled by Tech.

Our region has established itself as an incredible hub for cutting-edge technology, fostered from our past. Revolutionary research and development took place in the Southeast Idaho Region that helped shape the future of the entire country. Nuclear research and deployment, FBI forensic technology, war artillery and guidance missiles to everyday agricultural technology advancements; all have their prominent places in the history of the Portneuf Valley.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has called Pocatello home since 1984. Largely, due to Pocatello’s technological infrastructure. In 2019, the FBI expanded its operations by adding a new data center to optimize its information flow and consolidate almost 100 data centers throughout the DOJ into one. The consolidation of all these data centers will strengthen the cybersecurity posture for all DOJ components using the facility.

The Idaho National Laboratory or INL was established in 1949 to test nuclear reactors for both military and civilian use. Their research succeeded in powering the first-ever fully nuclear-generated electric city, appropriately named, Atomic City.

Just West of Pocatello, Idaho is the J.R. Simplot Company, true pioneers in agricultural technology as they operate to “feed the world”. The Simplot Company aims to have zero waste going into landfills in their food processing plants by applying cutting-edge efficiency machinery and quality control metrics for their 60+ plants.

North of the Portneuf Valley is Idaho Falls. It is famous for its beautiful waterfall displays alongside its downtown area. The Idaho Falls waterfalls are part of a nationally recognized Bulb Turbine Project that has three hydroelectric dams within the city municipality to generate and power the local community.

Powering a large assortment of remote-controlled devices, electric scooters, drones, Honeywell products or small power tools may be a Titan Battery. These high-quality Lithium-Ion batteries are designed and engineered in the Portneuf Valley. This small team has gained national notoriety for its advancements in battery design and usage.

Businesses like MOATiT and SiriNiti are headquartered here. They offer comprehensive technology solutions to future-proof networking and office systems with IT infrastructure, cybersecurity services, and machine learning standard operating procedures to reduce the redundancy of tasks often found in business settings.

The throughline that connects the advancement of technology in the area is the commitment the higher education facilities have to their technology curriculum. They honor the history of the region while forging the future.