Jeff Hough

County Commissioner

Jeff Hough

Jeff Hough is a visionary County Commissioner whose leadership has set the stage for a thriving Bannock County. Elected in 2020 and currently serving his second term, Jeff’s unwavering commitment to progress has propelled him to the forefront of public service.

Jeff earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance from Idaho State University and has continued to enjoy a successful financial journey with companies such as J.R. Simplot, 3Com, First Security Bank, and his alma mater, Idaho State University. He really can’t wait to add your company’s name to that list. 

As a lifelong resident of Bannock County, Jeff’s passion for the community shines through his multifaceted interests. An avid mountain biker, he finds solace and inspiration exploring the breathtaking landscapes of the region. Beyond his adventurous pursuits, Jeff contributes his time as a high school sports referee, embodying the spirit of fair play and community engagement.

Jeff’s influence extends beyond his role as County Commissioner. He takes pride in chairing the 5th District Elected Officials Association, fostering collaboration among regional leaders. As the distinguished leader of the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee for Idaho Association of Counties and Vice Chair of the National Association of Counties Rural Affairs Subcommittee, Jeff’s voice resonates on a national level, championing the unique needs of rural communities.

Jeff Hough’s visionary leadership to shape a brighter future for Bannock County includes having you with us. His diverse expertise, unwavering community spirit, and dedication to lifelong learning will ensure your company’s prosperity.