Being a part of the future by creating it.

In the Portneuf Valley, a thriving hub of innovation and creativity has taken off. The region is home to diverse businesses and education institutions that consistently contribute to developing cutting-edge products and services. Take a closer look at some of these key players in this dynamic ecosystem:


Bio-Logic is a revolutionary landscaping and fertilizing company that focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly landscaping practices that are tailored to the soil and specific land needs of their clients. Their innovative approach to residential and commercial lawn and yard maintenance is the true reason the grass is greener in Southeast Idaho.

On Semi

On Semi, established in 2021, is a semiconductor foundry specializing in analog, mixed-signal, and power products. The Pocatello, Idaho fabrication plant, is a 33-acre campus to produce various advanced technologies. Currently employing around 350 local experts On Semi plans to expand and cater to the growing demand for domestic chip manufacturing.


Once a small startup with a single product, Inergy is now one of the nation’s top producers of portable power stations with all-weather capabilities or residential use. Privately owned, Inergy has used crowdsource funding to expand its operations and fulfill its mission “to deliver the most affordable solar power to the world through the democratization of power availability”.

Bully Dog

Innovation has been at the core of Bully Dog since its establishment in 1998 in American Falls, Idaho. Bully Dog is dedicated to enhancing diesel engine performance and has since evolved into a leading brand known for cutting-edge engine ECU calibration, top-quality aftermarket parts, and precision data-logging, monitoring technology, and automotive improvement initiatives.

Portneuf Medical Center

In a pioneering move, Portneuf Regional Medical Center (PMC) in Pocatello has introduced a virtual nursing system. This innovative approach enhances healthcare efficiency by employing artificial intelligence-powered sensors to communicate essential patient information to virtual nurses. This technology empowers bedside nurses with more patient interaction time and also offers patients a range of services, including assistance with admissions, medical history inquiries, and discharge instructions.

Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions play a large role in driving more innovative companies to the Southeast Idaho region. The universities all provide colleges in Technology, Manufacturing, and Computer Sciences.

Idaho State University, located in Pocatello, has cutting-edge research facilities and a strong emphasis on STEM programs. The Idaho State College of Technology operates the Idaho Accelerator Center which currently has eight electron linear accelerators to research quantum physics particles and advance nuclear fuels.

The College of Eastern Idaho, situated in Idaho Falls, is another institution at the forefront of promoting innovation. BYU-I and the College of Southern Idaho are further away from the Portneuf Valley but still bring thousands of young and bright minds to the area. This concentration of graduates acts as a launchpad for new and innovative companies to hire the best candidates they need to innovate towards the future.