Amy Rhoads

Citizens Community Bank President

Amy Rhoads

Amy Rhoads is a banking luminary with an illustrious 46-year career that has left an indelible mark on the industry. Amy’s unwavering dedication to the world of finance has allowed multiple companies to achieve new levels of success and powerhouses in their respective industries.

For 20 fruitful years, Amy thrived within the esteemed Bank of Idaho/First Interstate Bank/Wells Fargo family. During this time, she showcased her exceptional skills, swiftly ascending the ranks from a consumer loan officer to a collector, operations manager, and finally, a commercial lender for small businesses. Her unwavering commitment to excellence culminated in her role as a distinguished branch manager, where she orchestrated seamless operations and fostered exceptional customer experiences.

In 2005, Glacier Bancorp, Inc. recognized Amy’s exceptional talent and made a resounding offer to acquire Citizens Community Bank. Amy’s expertise was crucial to the successful transition, and she embraced the opportunity to serve as the Senior Vice President and Branch Administrator.

In a resounding testament to her exceptional leadership, Amy was promoted to CEO of Citizens Community Bank in 2016. In this pivotal role, she exemplifies visionary leadership, spearheading innovative strategies that position the bank as a beacon of financial empowerment to the businesses operating in the Southeastern Idaho area.

Securing a brighter future for your company for generations to come is exactly what Amy seeks to do .